Surrender a Pug

Surrendering a member of the family (your pug) is not always easy. Sometimes there are many things that come up that either force or persuade you to do so. In recent times we have seen many things such as loss of jobs, death of a family member(the pets owner), moving or change of housing, medical bills of the animal that you simply can not afford, transfer to a job that takes you somewhere that your pet is not welcome. There are so many others, but we are here for you and the pugs. We are your pugs angels. We take then in and care for them until they are 100% healthy. We make sure they are microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on all their shots, and free of any infections. They are cared for in our volunteer foster homes and seen by our vet and then they are avaliable for adoption. The adoption process is not taken lightly. We ensure that your pet will be in a forever home. We do several things such as a one on one interview and a home visit with a check list that fits your pugs personality with that of the new hopeful families. We hope you will consider us before any shelter or possibly selling off your pet to someone that may not understand the breed or know how to care for a pug.

You can always track your pet online with our website and see when they are avaliable or waiting or there is an application for adoption on them. Then when they have been adopted they are placed in our Adopted Pugs section where there will be a picture of their new family.

If you surrender a pet and your statue later changes where you are able to care for your pet again. If your pug is still avaliable and no applications have been made to adopt your pug, you may request to adopt your pug back for the adoption fee listed and by filling out the application for adoption form.

If you have any further questions please fill out the form below

Download Surrender Form (PDF Format)
Download Surrender Form (Doc Format)