Shu Shu

Senior - Female

6/1/2017, update.  Shu Shu was just seen by one of our rescue vets and has been cleared for adoption.  Shu Shu is a very happy an active 8 year old with lots of love to give.  She does have some possible neurological issues with her back legs, but don’t worry this does not stop her from walking or running (she loves to chase things, squirrels, joggers, lizards, etc.) She will need to be watched for possible neurological issues as she ages, and fortunately there are options and medications for her in the future should she need extra help.  Shu Shu would like a stay at home parent or family, and she is great with children and other dogs.  Could Shu Shu be the pug for you?

5/15/17, update on Shu Shu. She came out of her surgery successfully. She is now spayed and only lost 5 teeth during her dental. Her ears were cleaned and her nails cut. She does have a UTI and will be on an anti-biotic for 2 weeks. Please keep checking on her progress. Her foster mom says that she is a very good natured, loving girl.

4/28/17, Welcome Shu Shu to our rescue. She is a sweet girl weighing in at 20 lb. and is 8 years, 10 months old. She is needing to be spayed and have a dental so it will be a while before she can find her forever home. Please keep track of her progress.

Adoption Fee: $225

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