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1/4/17 Perry’s foster mom had this to say about him: Perry the Pug aka.. Biggie.. is a very special dog! And like all pugs, he has a huge, wonderful, personality, but he does have some issues!!

Although I don’t know what he his life was previously, I do know he came into our rescue after he was found abandoned in a garage in Central Florida in the middle of the summer!

When I brought Perry home, we immediately had a bath & I was amazed how dirty his ears were. I didn’t realize it right away, but soon realized he could not hear me! So, immediately I went on UTube to learn some sign language wanting to communicate with him, and assuming he may have learned it in his prior life. Well, he did not respond to any sign language, so we developed our own! I have to say, it has worked & he follows hand commands better than my verbal commands to my hearing! He is very smart and always willing to please me!! But after several months of treatment we cleared up his severe ear infection, and I am happy to say he does have some of his hearing back! He still does not hear well at all & will need a forever family that is willing to talk to him with hand gestures!

In addition to Perry’s hearing impairment he does have some socialization issues! We have been working on them, and he has been greatly improving!! Perry is very territorial when it comes to his home, his yard, and his people. If he has not already met someone, he is very insecure! We learned quickly that he needs to be secured while meeting new people. He needs to be on a lead or held, and he needs time to get to know new people to know they do not cause a threat. Also, Perry does not really respond well to other four (4) legged creatures in his line of sight. When out in the yard, he gets upset with other dogs, cats, squirrels, lizards, etc. And in addition to that he does not like any of those things on the TV! Also, Perry is housed trained totally, but has been “marking” in the house. This happens sporadically and usually when we are gone for longer periods of time. Knowing Perry’s personality, I do believe this is more out of him being unhappy more than just pottying in the house.

So, Perry loves to have his baths!! He loves his belly rubs and back scratches & he loves his people! He is such a loyal and regal pugger!! He follows me and his foster pugger sister Padme everywhere, every day!!!

11/27/16, Great news! Perry is now available to find his forever home. His foster mom will be telling us all about him shortly.

8/6/16, Meet Perry. We estimate him to be about 9 years old. He is sociable with other dogs and loves human interaction. He needs to get his teeth cleaned before he can find his forever home.

Adoption Fee: $225

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