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4/9/17, Mia’s foster mom had this to say about her:
Hi. My name is Mia, and I am almost 7 years old in June. I am a black Pug with some gray, but don’t let that fool you. I love to play, sleep, and be outside and bark. In my previous owner’s home, I wasn’t taken outside much and did most of my business inside. My new foster parents bought potty pads for me, but haven’t used them. The door is open for me to go outside, and inside, and outside, and inside. I think this family is the best!

When I was  picked up at the vet to meet my new foster family, I was in love. I wasn’t feeling scared or shy. I felt really good and happy. I loved the guy (foster dad) who picked me up, and I’m  not sure who loves who more. He seemed to have a Pug before, cause he couldn’t stop giggling when I was giving him kisses. I loved the car ride, which I am still getting used to with my balance. I was wondering where I was going, it didn’t matter, cause I was really happy.

I met my foster mom, who loves playing with me like, the blanket monster. I met my teenage brothers and they were happy to see me run around inside and outside my fenced backyard. I checked out the backyard and I love everything out there. I was sniffing the house, but I wasn’t sure why the family was following me everywhere.  I came with a crate, but I don’t care for it much, cause I cuddle on my family’s laps, and furniture.

I wasn’t sleeping very well for the first few days, cause I didn’t want to miss out on anything, but it didn’t stop my appetite. I usually eat about 2x/day.(1/2 cup, 2x)  My foster mom thinks I’m not a real Pug, cause I don’t eat all my food, and leave it there to nibble during the day. I am glad I am the only pet, but I think they had a cat at one time.
During the first week, my foster family, had their nieces come over. The kids were really nice to me and I loved the attention. Then I met 2 more dogs, and I was kinda shy. I’m not used to other dogs sniffing my backside. I’m glad my humans keep an eye on me and offered their hugs and cuddles.
I do not jump on furniture unless I am very excited. I have to be called to jump up. I have blankets everywhere in the house, but I would rather cuddle with my family.  I sleep in mom and dad’s bed. I’m not sure who sleeps better with me, so I claim the middle.

That should be it. I can play and run or I can cuddle all day. There are some trigger words that would make want to  go for a car ride, and I can be somewhat stubborn and persistent to go and put the collar on. I play well with kids. Other pets kinda intimidate me, big and small, especially they are sniffing my rear end. I can be with a laid back family or I can be witih someone who likes taking me everywhere. I am a pretty easy going Pug. I don’t beg at the table, and I don’t take treats by hand. I’m not sure if I actually like dog treats, and I tried a lot. When I am placed with another family, I would like to be with a laid back dog, because I would probably won’t fight for attention.

3/30/17, Mia is now ready to find her forever home. Please put in an adoption application for her if you think she is the girl for you.

3/17/17, Mia just came into the rescue today. She is a cute girl who is 6 years old and will be having a birthday on June 2nd. As we find out more about her, we will update her information.

Adoption Fee: $275.

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  • emopianorock says

    Hello, I was wondering if you had anymore information about Mia. Whats her personality, is she good with other dogs, Is she house trained, Does she have any special needs, Does she do well with stairs, Thank you for your time.

  • Lyn Wooten says

    Hi Mia is a bit timid around other dogs and she seems to be house trained. She has no special needs that we are aware of. IF you are interested in her please fill out an application!

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