Lucy Loo

Pug - Adult - Female
Adopted Small Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotshousetrained


4/2017, Lucy Loo had been adopted in July of 2015, but due to sickness in her adoptive family, she is back with us in rescue. She is available for adoption now. She is a sweet, loving little girl and gets along well with other dogs and cats. She is visually impaired and needs eye drops to keep her eyes in good condition. Her foster parents would be able to tell you more about that. Lucy would do best with children 9 years of age or older and someone that is home most of the time. Please submit an adoption application if you think Lucy would make a great addition to your family. She is estimated to be about 8 years old now.

6/29/15, Lucy’s eye operation was a success and she is ready to find her forever home.

5/30/15,  An eye specialist has determined that Lucy Lou will be having her eyes operated on to improve and keep her eye sight.  It will be a few weeks before this sweet girl will be available for adoption.

1/8/15,  Welcome to CFPR, Lucy Lou. She is a 6 year old little girl who came from a puppy mill in Alabama and then was put on Craig’s List. Thank goodness she is with us now and we will take great care of her. She has some medical issues that will be addressed and we will spay her so her breeding days are over. She can now relax and be loved. Please keep tack of her progress. Adoption applications can be submitted for her once she is moved to the Available list.

Adoption Fee: $225.


6 Comments on "Lucy Loo"

  • says

    I amvery intereasted in Lucy. Please let me know the next steps in the pRocRocess to making her a mmember of our family.

    stephanie Rowley

  • Laura Waldo
    Laura Waldo says

    Lucy Lou is currently in waiting, once she is medically cleared she will be available for adoption.

  • nanalana says

    I recently adopted Zachary back in 2014 and I am now interested in finding him a companion. I am interested in possibly adopting Lucy as his companion. Zachary is doing well, but feel a companion would be a good thing for him. Please keep me updated on her progress.

    Lana Case

  • Annie Leigh
    Annie Leigh says

    Hi Lana, Great to hear from you. I will let you know when Lucy Lou is available for adoption and we can discuss her then. Hugs to Zachary.

  • mollyg says

    Hi. Is Lucy Lou available for adoption?

  • Lyn Wooten says

    No Lucy is still in waiting. Please kep checking the website for when she is available!

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