Adult - Male
Adopted Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotshousetrained


6/27/17, Joey’s foster mom wrote the following:
“My name is Joey.  I am a six year old neutered male and small for a pug, weighing in at only 16 lbs.  Don’t let that fool you though, as I am pretty sure I am as good as any other pug on the block!

I came into Central Florida Pug Rescue in pretty bad shape.  I was kept in a cage my whole life, was very afraid of people and was horribly malnourished, weighing only 12 pounds when I came in.  A lack of good food gave me all kinds of skin infections, and when I arrived I was covered in black, wrinkled elephant skin with almost no fur.  Yes, I was pretty pitiful, and looked more like a rat than a pug.  But then I landed in CFPR and everything changed!  I got a very nice foster family and 5 pug brothers and sisters who made me welcome right from the start, snuggling with me for naps, sharing all their toys and teaching me how to play.  I was given all kinds of tasty food…fish, fruit, vegetables and everything else I needed to get healthy again.  Then there were all those baths.  I didn’t like them much.  Every other day into the tub I would go to spend 30 minutes with medicine soaking into my skin.  Mom still makes me take twice a week baths, but it has done the trick.  I am now almost completely covered in thick silky pug hair, as you can see from my pictures.  There is still a strip of black skin on my backbone, but even that has tufts of hair growing, so I am almost 100% handsome!  I really don’t think my pictures do me justice, but then I am not a pug that hogs the limelight…and I really don’t like mom pointing that clicky thing in my face! When she does, I give her the raspberries!

Over time I have come to love my human family, and I follow them everywhere.  I never could get used to sleeping in the people bed with all my pug brothers and sisters though…I am a pug who loves his space and prefer to sleep in my own bed, thank you, although I do like to be within sight of my mom and dad at all times!  I am not a super snuggly pug like my brothers and sisters, but I do love attention from my humans and from any other people who come to the house.  And did I mention that I am a talker?  I love having conversations with my humans, especially at mealtimes, when I constantly have to remind them to hurry up with the food already!  The best times are when my harness and leash come out and I get to go for a walk or a car trip with mom and dad.  I love getting out and exploring new places!  The world is SO much bigger than the inside of a cage!

I think I am finally ready to find a home and family of my own.  I am good with small humans, other dogs, and even those cat creatures.  Or I could be an only pug for some older humans.  I am flexible!  As it says in that old song my mom always plays, all I need is love.  And really good food.  And a nice bath now and again.  Do consider me for your family.”

2/7/17, Please welcome Joey into the rescue! This sweet boy is about six years old. He is a mess and has a lot of healing ahead of him. He is on medicine for his skin plus we did blood work today and we are crossing our fingers that he is not heart worm positive. He also had a manicure because his toenails were very long. We are so glad he is safe now and will get all the love and medical attention he needs. It will be a while before he will be moved to available but you can keep checking on his progress.

Adoption Fee: $275

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