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7/5/17, Elliot is still in the rescue, but would like to find his forever home. Whoever adopts this handsome, good natured boy, needs to be diligent about cleaning his ears at least once a week and be on the lookout for any sores that may develop on his skin. The reason to watch out for any sores is that our vet determined that Elliot has a form of MRSA, but when kept under control is no problem for him. Elliot needs a home with someone who is home a lot and will be diligent in taking care of his ears and skin. He doesn’t like cats so a home without cats is a must. He would also be more comfortable if a home that had dogs, were female dogs. If you believe he is the boy for you, please fill out an adoption application. His wonderful foster mom can answer any questions that you may have about him.
We discovered that Elliot was only 3 when he came into rescue so he is now about 5 or 6.

Adoption Free: $300

9/19/15, Elliot is still looking for his forever home. He had another ear infection, which is being treated. Whoever adopts him needs to be diligent about keeping his ears clean, but the love that you will be getting from this little boy, will more than make up for it.

8/17/15, Elliot had his neuter stitches removed and is now ready to find his forever home. He will always have his head tilt although not nearly as prominent as when he first came into rescue, but it makes him even cuter. Fill out an adoption application for him and his foster mom can tell you all about him. She says that he is the sweetest foster she has ever had, but he definitely does not like cats so if you have a cat, please don’t bother putting in an application for him. He does like other dogs.

8/6/15, Elliot has been neutered today and will be available in a couple of weeks to find his forever home, so keep checking on his progress.

7/27/15, Elliot’s ear infection is gone, and he will be neutered very shortly. It will take 2 weeks after neutering for him to be able to start looking for his forever home,

7/13/15, Update on Elliot. It turns out that Elliot had a raging ear infection and that was the reason for the head tilt. He is on ear meds and the head tilt has diminished considerably. I have some background information on him. He was removed from a home with 2 other dogs, a Boston Terrier and a large breed dog. They were confiscated from the owners by the police. Elliot’s ear infection was so severe that his ear drum has been punctured and he is most likely deaf in that ear. His foster mom says that he is the sweetest foster that she has ever had. He gets along well with her other pugs, but is not used to cats and has been chasing her cats. He is not hurting them, just chasing them. His foster mom thinks he will do better in a home without cats. After his ear infection is cured, he will need to be neutered so it will be several more weeks before he can search for his forever family.

6/29/15, Elliot is a 5 year old, male pug who has just come into rescue. He is seeing our vet today and we will find out more about him. He has a permanent head tilt, which the vet will have to enlighten us about. He is a very good looking boy so keep checking the website for more information about Elliot.

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  • gerieshaffer says

    I am very interested in Elliot. Please let me know once he is cleared for adoption so that I can fill out an application. Thanks so much, Gerie Shaffer gerieshaffer@yahoo.com

  • Annie Leigh
    Annie Leigh says

    Gerie, please keep checking the website. As soon as Elliot’s ear infection is gone completely, he will be neutered and once recovered from that, will go on the Available list.

  • nicholebryan1984 says

    I am interested ?

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