Dougie crossed the rainbow bridge recently!  He was a sweet boy and will be missed by all of us here.  Our thoughts go out to his foster parents!  RIP Sweet Dougie!

Today Dougie was diagnosed with Doggie COPD.  Due to Dougie’s many issues he is going to stay in his foster home permanently!  They love him and want to care for him for as long as he has left which will hopefully be a long while!!

Dougie is completely deaf and blind in his left eye. Neither of these bother him at all. He adjusts very easily to new hand signals. He is a very laid back sweet gentleman. He loves to sleep right by your side but sometimes he will sleep on the opposite side of the couch from you (don’t be offended, he just gets hot) in that case he will keep his eye on you because he hates to be alone. He does not take to kindly to being in a crate either.
He will kiss you whether you like it or not, after all that’s how he can tell you that he loves you. If you hold your nose to his, be sure your getting a sloppy kiss. He is active at times but gets worn out quickly because his back hips are not in tip top condition. Don’t let it fool you though he is fast when he wants to be.
Dougie gets along with other dogs big and small, children that won’t pull his ears legs or tail, cats and all other animals.

Adoption Fee: $175

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