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10/18/14, Beau, due to several medical issues, has now been made one of our hospice pugs and will spend the rest of his life in the care of his loving foster parents.

7/26/14,   Beau’s foster father wrote this about him:

Since fostering Beau we have come to love the little guy. He’s been thru a lot, but he’s come a long way. He now is reasonably housebroken. (will occasionally mark).

On his last visit with the Dr., everything looked “normal” as far as the anal sack issue. May have to have them expressed every few months.
He is such a lover boy……loves to cuddle as well as having his belly rubbed. He normally sleeps on our bed with us (doesn”t snore a lot either+)
He responds well to his name, has learned sit, working on stay. He gets along well with other dogs, however I don’t know about cats as we don’t
have any.
He won’t chew the toy you give him, he’d rather chew a shoe or a blanket.
He loves being in the company of humans, and will make someone a very loyal pet.
He probably would do well in a home where someone is home most of the time.

Update  6/19/14 Beau has been to the vet for anal gland issues.  He should be ready to find his forever home soon.  He will need to have his glands checked on a regular basis to be expressed  He is such a sweet loveable boy and will do best with someone that is home alot.  Keep checking back on his progress!

Update: Little Beau is having some medical problems that are being treated so for now we are moving him into Pugs In Waiting. His problems should be cleared up shortly so keep checking on him.

Beau is a very sweet boy who we think is about 8 years old. He gets along well with other dogs and he loves children. My granddaughter is 8 and is over my house quite often. Beau loves to cuddle with Hillary and is always sitting next to her or is on her lap.  Beau came from a horder’s home and, we believe, spent most of his life living in a crate. Because of that he has never been potty trained.  I have been working with him on that and he has improved greatly, doing  most of his business outside.  It’s not perfect yet, but he is making progress.  Beau is very affectionate and loves to be near me. He would be a wonderful companion for anyone who has the time to keep up with his potty training. I would recommend a home with an adult who is home most of the time and, if possible, a home with children. He would also enjoy a home with other dogs. He is always cuddling with my pug, Harry.  If you think that Beau is the boy for you, please contact us.

Beau is ready to find his forever home!

Up date: This sweet boy came in from Lake County and he is older than we were told maybe around 8 years old.  He is such a laid back love that just wants to cuddle. He was just neutered and should be ready to find his forever home soon!

This is sweet Beau!  He came in from a local shelter with Brooke.  He is about 7 years old and needs to be neutered and complete his shots.  He only weighs about 14 pounds and need to gain a few! He has had a hard life along with Brooke but you would  never know it by his spirit and sweet soul!  Please keep checking back on his progress!

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