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12/19/16; Dharma completed her first round of heartworm treatments.  She had blood in her urine on saturday and we think the UTI is back. This sweet girl cannot catch a break!

11/12/16 Dharma had her chest x ray today for her heart worms.  The x-rays are not good and show that her heart is enlarged from the worms.  She will begin her treatments Dec 5!  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers! TO think one small pill each month could have prevented this!

10/1/16 We have just found out that sweet Dharma is HW +!  We are heartbroken for this sweet baby girl!  Her UTi had to be treated with some potent antibiotics and once she is cleared she will start the HW treatments.

8/12/16  dharma has a  UTI that has to be treated!

7/20/16, Dharma had her eye surgery a few days ago and it was successful. She is now recuperating and should be able to be moved to the available list in a few weeks.

6/7/16, Dharma’s eye surgery has had to be postponed because she has been diagnosed with a UTI. She is on medication and as soon as she has recovered from that, we can reschedule her eye surgery.

5/30/16, Dharma’s foster mom had this to say about her: She is very sweet and sassy, sleeps in bed with her foster mom, loves car rides, gets along with other dogs, will do better with someone who is retired or works from home or someone who is home more often than not. She’s 16 lb. She will have eye surgery on 6/15 to correct an eye problem and then after recuperating, she will be ready to find her forever home. She will need eye drops, however daily for the rest of her life.

5/19/16, Meet Dharma! This little girl is 6 years old. We do know that Dharma is on eye drops and we will know more about her vision after her checkup! She will be seeing an eye specialist very soon. Please wait until she is on the available list to put in an application for her if you think she is the perfect pug for you.

Adoption Fee: $275

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  • jergeefla says

    Just wanted to check on Dharma’s progress. Hopefully she’s gotten over her uti and will be able to have her eye surgery before too long. She’s simply beautiful and I love her.

  • jergeefla says

    See where poor Dharma has had her eye surgery and will have a fairly long recovery. Wishing her a speedy recovery and hopefully will be considered for her furever parents. She is adorable and I love her just looking at her.

  • jergeefla says

    Is there anyway I can get someone to let me know once she is finally well enough to find her forever home. I really am extremely interested and hoping that we are able to give her the love and attention she deserves. Thanks ever so much!

  • Annie Leigh
    Annie Leigh says

    Please keep track of her progress and when she becomes available, please put in an adoption application for her.

  • jergeefla says

    Thank you Anne. I’ll continue to do that several times a day! I would REALLY LOVE to give her the loving caring and become the spoiled little girl she deserves!

  • jergeefla says

    Wanted to check on Dharma. Hopefully she’s getting closer and closer to being able to come to her forever home (hopefully mine!) . I really do love this little princess and she should get the royalty treatment she deserves!

  • Lyn Wooten says

    Unfortunately Dharma has tested heartworm positive and has to go through the treatments but b efore that can be done she has to get over a nasty UTI. Her urine was cultured to see what antibiotics she needs. IT is going to be some time before she will be ready. SHe has a long road ahead of her.

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