Adoption Process

Prior to  filling out an application, please read through these things that you must know!

  1. All pets your household MUST be spayed or neutered!*
  2. All pets MUST be up to date on vaccines.* (or have written vet notice as to why they don’t receive vaccines.)
  3. Pets must be given  monthly heartworm preventative.*
  4. Dogs must be kept as indoor pets, never living outside.
  5. Unfortunately, we do not adopt out of state.
    *We do check vet references to verify.


The first step in the adoption process is to fill out an application on our website.  

Click Here to Fill Out the Online Adoption Application

If you have trouble with filling out the application or have questions, please contact us via email,

Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted by our adoption coordinator as soon as possible. Please note that we are all volunteers. It can take a few days, but please understand we are working as fast as we can!

We do not accept applications on pugs “in waiting”. Once a pug is medically cleared, he/she will be moved to available and only then will applications be accepted.

There are many times that we get multiple applications on a pug, especially the younger ones. We do process all applications and do our best to match the pug to the perfect home. If you are not chosen, please understand that for what ever reason, CFPR believes that another applicant was a better fit to that particular pug. It is nothing personal! Our goal is to find the perfect home for each pug in our care. The needs of the individual pug are taken into consideration when we review applications. We are here to make sure the pugs go to their forever homes!

Once your application has been reviewed and references checked, the adoption coordinator will call and speak with you. Next, a home visit to meet the family and introduce the pug to the family will be scheduled. ALL household members are required to be present during this visit. Once the home visit is complete, the report will be submitted to the CFPR board for approval. If the board deems this to be a good match for the preferred pug, the foster parent will recontact the family and a time to complete the adoption will be set.The adoption contract will be signed at this time and the adoption donation will be given. CFPR’s adoption donations range from $175-$375. These donation amounts are based on the age and medical condition of the pug.These donations will help us cover the costs of future incoming pugs and running the rescue.

CFPR does not have a facility or a kennel. All of the pugs in our care are fostered in private homes. We attend various events around the Orlando area. Check the events page to see where CFPR will be next! If you want to meet a particular pug,please notify CFPR and we will do our best to have that pug at the specific event for you!

Click Here to Fill Out the Online Adoption Application